Saturday 30 August 2008

Adventures in 3D: Intro

Always on the lookout for something to mess around with codewise, I settled on the idea of venturing into the world of 3D graphics. In the days of Blitz Basic on the Amiga, school lessons in trigonometry inspired me to get as far as a spinning wireframe cube, but I've never really delved into the Java graphics libraries in any great depth.

Of course, Java has a fully featured and ready made 3D library, but that's no fun at all! I'm the sort of guy who likes to understand the nuts and bolts before moving on to the shortcuts, so I decided to have a go at everything from first principles (read: maths).

Just a couple of days into it, I've got some fairly simple yet fairly spiffy stuff going on, so it struck me as something worth putting back into the bin of knowledge, and blogging it may just concrete some of the concepts into my head a bit more. There's plenty of other reading material out there, so I'm not going to dwell too much on the mathematics, but hopefully it might give you a foot up to get you started.

A disclaimer though - I'm learning this as I go too, so I make no guarantees that this is necessarily the right or best or fastest way to do things. It's more an exercise in understanding the concepts rather than trying to write the most elegant/fastest/shortest code.

Let's start at Part I - The Basics

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